Everyday Mysteries

Installed at Northwestern Mutual Art Gallery at Cardinal Stritch University (Milwaukee), August 22-October 17, 2014.

Read a review of Everyday Mysteries here. (Kat Murrell, Urban Milwaukee)

Press Release:

We have all encountered an “everyday mystery” at one point or another in our lives. These are those moments when the veil between a world of predictable routine is momentarily lifted to disclose new insight. Afterward, we see ourselves and our circumstances from a new and revealing perspective.
The four artists in the exhibition Everyday Mysteries each approach this complex subject with a goal of uncovering deeper truths about life as we know it, perhaps providing greater potential that we will pay more thoughtful attention to the ordinary encounters we often undervalue…
Emily Belknap creates hyperrealistic miniature sculptures depicting the forgotten recesses of urban infrastructure. A lonely tree on a sidewalk corner, an unused parking lot, or a flooding basement all become metaphors for a crumbling trust in all that appears solid.
Grant Gill resorts to an archaic wayfinding tool, a divining rod, to lead him on narrative excursions into the unknown, which he then records through photographs and written description.
The collaborative team of Jon Horvath and Kyle Seis document the institutional confines of twentieth-century Catholic churches; the team’s large-scale photographs revealing paradoxes barely camouflaged by mottled linoleum and plastic flowers.
Each artwork in the exhibition also captures the elusive and unsettling feeling that a lurking presence is waiting to be uncovered. This stealthy and participatory way of communicating one’s ideas is a strength all the artists share; a skillful, careful approach to artmaking that a more obvious subject would overwhelm. 

Curated by Shana McCaw.