Summer Home

Installed at Schneider Gallery (Chicago), July 5 – August 31, 2014

Read a review of Summer Home here (Michael Weinstein, New Art City)

Press Release:

Summer Home

Schneider Gallery is very pleased to present Summer Home, a group exhibition that brings together work by six Midwestern artists who explore themes of domesticity and resulting relationships with history, community, and ownership.

The photographs assembled in this exhibition personify the idea of “home” and can be experienced as a single, continuous narrative or as many disparate storylines. The works range from intimate to vastly disconnected in subject matter, though the artists’ true vantage points are not always apparent. By animating these histories, the photographs and objects are uniquely positioned to alternatively elicit a sense of nostalgia or displacement from the viewer. The exhibition also encourages conversation around the connotation of “house” or “shelter,” choosing to both acknowledge and reject practical or literal notions of the concept. Removing these restrictive definitions enable the artworks to collectively function as something less concrete.

Summer Home includes works by Barbara Diener, Tony Favarula, Jon Horvath, TJ Proechel, Greg Ruffing, and Justin Schmitz. It is curated by Tyler Blackwell and Nicole White.